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Safe Work Environment


It is our belief that nothing is more important in the electrical industry than the safety of everyone; on every job site, on every project, and effecting all those who are at the location where the electrical work is being performed.

Here at S & L Electric, Inc., we ensure your safety by offering:

S&L Electric, Inc.
  • Highly trained staff of professionals
  • State of the art inspection, testing, diagnostics, analysis and reporting services
  • Ability to identify and correct deficiencies in electrical systems before they cause problems
  • Reduced operating costs through increased efficiency and dependability of power supply; potential insurance reductions, lower utilities, extended equipment life and improved safety
  • Convenient, affordable measures to keep your electrical system in top operating condition
  • Repair/replacement of failed components to one-time preventive maintenance analysis
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Engineering, load and circuit coordination services

Our electricians keep every job site clear of debris and obstructions (trip hazards, conduit scraps, and the like). Ladders are picked up and mobile scaffold is placed safely on the ground when not in use, they clear all electrical hazards, check the circuity of a system before energizing it, to name only a few of the ways our staff of professional journeymen and apprentices strive to protect the work place and everyone's safety who is involved with the project.

Plus, our facility employs a drug-free workforce, further ensuring everyone's safety.

Thank you for letting us know of any safety issues of concern to you. If you have questions about any of our practices, or the security of your electrical project, we invite you to speak with us directly: (315) 262-2631.